Welcome! The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO) is delighted to announce that we will be holding our 1st International Young Adults Conference for 18-35 year olds impacted by Huntington’s Disease, in Glasgow, Scotland from 9th – 11th May 2020.

This is the first conference of its kind and HDYO will be working with global and local partners to ensure as many 18-35 years old from all over the world can attend and take part. We hope to be able to host hundreds of young adults over the 3 days, which will be the largest gathering of young adults in the HD community.

This is an international event and we will have a scholarship fund open to help those who need funding to attend but those funds will be limited.

Criteria to attend

The event is open to:

  • Anyone in the world impacted by Huntington’s disease aged 18-35 (we will accept those just a bit over 35 also)
  • A professional who works in the HD community

What to expect from the congress?

We intend to have 3 full days of educational and support sessions from some of the best HD speakers in the world. We want attendees to always have a choice of sessions/tracks from research, educational, inspirational speakers, sharing sessions and many more. The emphasis is nicely balanced for everyone to learn and be inspired.

We also want the event to be FUN. We want people to enjoy this experience and having fun is an important part of our thinking in creating our agenda. So there will be lots of entertainment and activities going on throughout the days and into the evenings so when people aren’t in sessions they can have some fun relaxing times. 

For those who can’t understand English very well we will be offering translation services in all our tracks and some sessions will be in your specific language.

For professionals we will be offering a range of training sessions in addition to the congress to improve your capabilities of working with young adults/teens/children in the HD community. These will come as part of the registration cost, you won’t have to pay extra to attend a training session.

If you would like to register please go here!

A big thank you to our sponsors: