Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I received a full or partial scholarship to the 2020 event?

Scholarships will be granted for the 2023 event in the same amount that was promised previously. We will be contacting you directly with more details directly to understand your availability to attend in 2023.

2. Will there be virtual options for the 2023 event?

Yes! We are finalizing those details. There will be an option to attend even virtually, as we know that no everyone will be able to attend.

3. Is the age range strict?

General Congress – The event content is created for young adults. The age range for congress is 18-35 but we are not strict on this. If you are between 35-40 and want to attend we are very happy for you to do so. Do not hesitate to register if you’re in this age range.

Juvenile Onset HD Track – We encourage families impacted by JoHD to attend accompanied by a caregiver including under 18.

4. Will there be translation services available?

We will be working on translation services once we have determined the funding to support this.

5. Will childcare be available at the event?

No, childcare will not be provided as part of our event. We have considered it, but it isn’t workable for us. You can bring children to the event if you wish, but childcare won’t be available.

6. Is congress like a HDYO camp where HDYO funds your trip?

No, congress is different to a HDYO camp where everything is covered by our funding and the young person pays nothing. For congress, young adults will have to pay their own way to attend. We do have a scholarship fund available to those that may need some help getting there.

7. Are meals included in your registration?

Yes, we will provide meals throughout the day at the venue and evening events.

6. Is the event just for young adults?

No, it is also for professionals from the HD community, as we will provide daily training for them to attend if they wish.

7. What hotels can we stay at?

HDYO has special rates at a range of nearby hotels. Stay tuned for more details.