Preparing for Glasgow

We wanted to provide some additional details for you as we are quickly approaching the event. Please read through carefully and email if you have any questions.


  • Most hotels booked through our accommodations link offer breakfast. That information would be found in your reservation or at our accommodations link at Our events start after breakfast time to allow for an easy morning since people are traveling internationally.
  • Lunches are provided for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the event.
  • Dinner will be provided at our Enroll-HD celebration on Saturday evening. Dinner on Friday will not be provided by HDYO.
  • Any additional meals will be on your own as you either spend a longer time in Glasgow or travel to another location.


  • The only transportation you should look into is to and from the airport into the city. The average cost for a taxi is £30 each direction. Once you are in the City, all hotels are within 2 miles from the event locations. It’s a very pedestrian friendly community.
  • Taxis – You can schedule your taxis ahead of time, so they will be waiting for you at the airport. There will also be taxis at the airport if you prefer to just take those. There isn’t a guaranteed rate with those taxis. Here are details for taxis we recommend:
    • Recommended to Call Ahead with Guaranteed Rate. They will be at the airport waiting for you.
      • Glasgow Taxis –
        • Phone +44 (0) 141 429 7070 to book your taxi
        • Discount code: GCB1 Airport to City/SEC – set fare £28
        • Discount code: GCB2  SEC/City Centre to Airport – set fare £30
        • Website and details for the app to download:
  • Uber – Glasgow does also have Uber. You can book directly from your app once you arrive.

Want to Share Transportation To and From the Airport?

We know that many of you would rather share taxis to and from the airport for a number of reasons. Several of you are arriving at similar times. Since I can’t share personal information without permission, I’ve created different WhatsApp groups where you can join based on your arrival and departure time to see if someone would want to rideshare with you.

Need Extra Support Booking Taxis or Nervous About Traveling? Please contact Jenna Heilman ASAP, so she can help alleviate in any way possible.


Glasgow uses the British Pound £. Places will all take credit cards including taxis and transportation. It’s a good idea to call the credit card company and/or your bank to let them know you will be traveling internationally. That way, they will not block any purchases if they are alerted.


Unless you live in the United Kingdom, you will need to bring a power adapter to Glasgow. Many updated places will have USB ports to plug into that works with many electronics, but that is not a guarantee. I would recommend bringing a universal power adapter with you to ensure your cell phone, computers, other electronics are compatible to be charged.


The average temperatures in Glasgow in March are lows down to 3.5 C/38 F and highs of 10 C/50 F. There is also a chance of rain. Since you will be walking outside, it’s a good idea to bring a small travel-sized umbrella or raincoat. We also recommend wearing appropriate clothes to go from inside the event center and walking in the morning and night in cooler weather.


The event is casual. Please wear comfortable shoes for walking in the morning and in the evenings. Some people may choose to dress up more for the evening receptions, but that is your personal decision. Please just dress warm enough for the weather if you are coming from a warmer climate.

Event App:

Leading up to the event, we will be publishing a link to download our event app. This will have the agendas with session descriptions, you can create your participant profile, we will have links to all hotels from our site and to the different event locations to allow for easy traveling and much more. Stay tuned to more details.

We are here to help in any way we can! Please reach out if you have any questions.